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About Chris

Helping this community for more than 20 years, 4th time running for city councillors, married 2 kids, my zeal and calling is helping people in the community. Firstly I am strongly against centralized government, I will like to see the government become mobile and decentralize ,it will show the government cares. I am also working in the community against gun violence,the government should track all illegal guns, also i am a strong advocate to issues like systematic poverty. Also investing in infrastructure to make our economy grow, 10 years government has moved away from affordable housing, middle class cannot like in this neighborhood anymore. Also addressing the issue why young people leaving school and joining the gangs, planting more trees, and upgrading our sewer systems because of recent ooding. In conclusion national unity in etobicoke, the walls of hate disunity has to stop, let us unite from all religious groups and make this world a better place to live in.