Decentralization Government.
(The government should go to the people).

Public Health
1. Nurses are burnt out leaving their jobs.
2. Safe injection site in front of Kendelton
Smith Building
Crime & Police
1. Undercover police should be able to pick
up intelligence in the community
2. Need more foot patrol police
3. We need more police watch dogs and
whistle blower
4. Get to the kids before the gangs do (advice
the kids at their early age about the gangs)
Affordable housing
All government Properties should be use for
affordable housing, for example 22
Panorama court.
1. Rexdale motel shelter houses 160 clients
2. Rexdale youth shelter
3. Rexdale women shelter
4. Rexdale senior shelter
5. Addiction treatment centre
6. Problem is
– shortage of bed
– shortage of staff
– workers uncompensated
– at risk of mental health
1. Finch west LRT 2024 should continue to
woodbine area – Airport hub – 5000 more
residents coming here.
2. Temporary bus shelters in the winter on
finch LRT construction site.
3. Essential services special need school
buses & TTC during LRT construction.